Saudi teacher promotes airing classes online

A Saudi teacher has innovated a new way for parents to check on their children by airing online the inside happenings of classes.

Mohammed bin Fraihan al-Harithi, the Jeddah-based teacher of al-Zabrakan bin Badr primary school, told that this new high-tech method is to allow parents to further see their children’s education levels, and to facilitate follow-ups on their progress.

“Any parent can go for the online airing of the classes, any time he/she wishes to,” al-Harithi said.

Al-Harithi’s idea of four-planted cameras in a classroom can show the parents how their children behave and act among their peers and with their teachers.

“Some parents’ busy schedules prevent them to come to schools and check on their children’s levels,” he added.

Classes stored online for children to revise

Mohammed bin Fraihan al-Harithi explains his idea to education officials
Mohammed bin Fraihan al-Harithi explains his idea to education officials

The live airing of classes online is recorded as video files in the school’s website, and it also allows students to go through classes and revise the material.

This new online method liberates students from conventionalism, said Abdulah al-Thikafi, Jeddah’s director of education.

“It allows parents to directly watch what is happening inside the class, and it can create an educational partnership between parents and the school, and it will help to increase competition between students.”

According to al-Harithi, this new online supervision technique will also clear suspicions surrounding teachers in Saudi Arabia, and can boost the credibility of the teachers themselves.

“This will allow the teachers to offer their best since they are supervised from both the education officials and parents, ” he said, adding, “some teachers have their own agendas and their own radical extremist thinking that can influence the students, and this can help in deterring such negative influence.”